HorseDialog - VetSupport+ Gateway


HorseDialog is your own practice app that can be tailored using your own practice branding, details and imagery, and marketed to your clients as an innovative, user-friendly and highly efficient way of managing their horse’s health and wellbeing.

It aims to help improve horse healthcare in important areas, such as health care recording and treatment compliance; communication and consulting; patient management and monitoring; and clinical decision-making.

You will have access to the Equine Clinical Web Dashboard, via the VetSupport+ Gateway. Here you can review an enhanced clinical history and care schedule of a horse entered into the app, send out in-app messaging to a segmented group of clients based on their horse’s needs and keep your customised mobile app details up to date.

Simply search for a horse and you will be able to view the animal’s full HorseDialog Clinical Record. Improved compliance by keeping your clients up to date with their horse’s medication reminders and manage their calendar to add, or edit medication reminders and appointments.

Make data-driven diagnoses and monitor response to treatment plans by reviewing trends of conditions and systems.

HorseDialog – Keeping you connected with your customers, and their animals, every day.

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